Saturday, November 29, 2008

Thanksgiving Week

I've so looked forward to this week off. It's one of those "what do I do first?" weeks, so almost nothing got done until the last moment as I gave in to making a decision and just jumped in. About 9 cabinets organized later, I am ready to go back to work. Well, not ready as in "I can't wait" but ready enough that I am not dreading it. In fact--I kinda miss my little guys. I just hope they had a nice time relaxing at home enjoying their families. So, here's my fun in a nutshell:
1. Slept in until average of 10 AM every morning--and that's without any sleep aids. Just goes to show how anxious I am everyday that I can't sleep without a sleep aid during the regular work week.
2. Made 4 trips to Lowes, 2 by myself, to get the kitchen colors chosen.
3. Found the new counter and floor tiles. Now, to get them ordered...
4. Ate and ate and ate and ate. I actually thought about buying a girdle--that's how much I ate! I'll just have to starve myself until Christmas.
5. Stayed up late watching cable, movies I DVR'd, Spongebob, and movies we rented. I also exercised a little and played a handheld game every night before bed.
6. I had a lot of fun with my man, Greg. A lot, people. If you know what I mean...cough.
7. I ate and ate, did I mention that?
8. I did a lot of online shopping--but that is usual activity for me, so I don't know if it should count as my week off fun.
9. Hung out with my children, which I do anyway, but it was so nice to not have somewhere to be soon, something I had to do, or some place I had to take them. We had no conditions, no rules, no time limits--just pure relaxation together.
10. Bought 3 new tires. On my way to the temple a tire blew so I ended up spending the evening replacing it instead of doing temple work and going to a friend's b-day dinner. That blew as much as the tire did. The tire blew, the evening blew, and I blew ($375 bucks that is.)
If that isn't the most excitement you've had in a while, then just live my life for a day and you'll appreciate the slow pace I enjoyed this week. I am now preparing for a presentation tomorrow and work on Monday with school work to do in between. It's off to the races once again--most likely I'll finish last as usual.

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Elizabeth said...

Sounds like a great week! I can't wait for Christmas Vacation now! I think I dislike school more now than I did as a student. I love the weeks with no homework and tests!