Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Summer Lovin'

Wow...I've really let myself down...I blog to keep a journal of life with Kinsdsay, so missing an entire summer is inexusable.  That isn't to say there wasn't material...every day there is material. So where do I begin?  How about summer, good old summer time.
My life is never normal.  I'm always bracing for battle.  Kindsay has now grown to my height and wears a larger size than I do...that said, what Kindsay says--goes.  Since Greg and I worked while the kids were off for summer, my mom had to come babysit.  She didn't mind, until the day Kindsay didn't get her way.  Thankfully, Kindsay's summer school started soon and Greg only had to work a week once the kids were home.  There's always an answer--a blessing! 
My mom, bless her heart, drove 20 minutes to my house every morning for that in between week to watch the boys. I say boys because they like climbing, and now having two stories, they are climbing higher.  Kindsay could sit in her room with her food laid across her chest, inches from her mouth enough for her to vacuum in the next bite while watching Youtube all day, so she wasn't the worry.  But then again, we have dogs.  We all know how Kindsay loves to "care" for the dogs.  One night she dashed into our room excited--Daddy--come see this, hurry!  Greg mosied into her room expecting nothing more than more Justin Beiber on her wall only to find Lily the Shetland strapped into Kindsay's upright carseat.  Lily, with all the fur probably pinched in every buckle, sat without her usual smile and wagging tail.  She looked helpless and defeated.  Yes, Kindsay can get ANYTHING into a carseat if that is her will.  Greg was upset for poor Lily, but not before snapping a picture, knowing we'd laugh about it----later.  We still don't know how she did it...don't want to know.  So Kindsay has deemed Lily "her" dog because, well, Lily is a female and that's how the world works according to Kindsay.  Our other dog is naturally the boys' dog. 
Back to Kindsay, summer, my mom, all the fun, etc, etc..
So Kindsay, in her unusual loving way, gets Lily to fall in line somehow, usually by force.  We have to watch this because we don't typically believe in unnecessary roughness or mistreatment of animals, unless Kindsay becomes so unbearable we have to break our own rules.  Kindsay is in the entryway preparing Lily for a walk.  What a nurturing thought, right?  Except Lily's collar is quite tight, she squirms and whimpers, which makes my mom angry so she goes to Lily to help get it off, while Kindsay is still getting it put on.  Not a good combo. 
My mom is very sensitive to dogs, so she tried telling Kindsay what was harmful to the dog, but Kindsay was having none of it.  Frustrated, my mom just took the initiative to get the collar off, which Kindsay ignored and continued to put it on.  Lily is in the middle, though siding more with my mom, until the collar finally came off to Kindsay's wrath.  My mom stepped back to try to explain to her why choking a dog is inhumane; instead of listening and learning from her wise elders, Kindsay took the leash and whipped it at my mom, hurling the metal clip end of it onto my mom's back behind her shoulder.   My mom screamed out in pain, and it was then that Kindsay was knocked out of her perseverating trance of "must take dog on walk" and realized what she had done.  My mom, reeling from the burning pain of having been whipped, spewed cuss words like a southern drunk, making my boys freeze in their shoes, jaws dropped.  Needless to say, the worst my boys hear in their own home is "Holy Crap!"...My mom, realized her vulgar reaction, called me bawling in embarrassment for having called her granddaughter a series of unfortunate insults. I didn't blame her, I felt terrible!  Was Kindsay unmedicated?  Most likely, and that comes back to me.  My mom gathered the boys together, though still stuck in their spots and jaws dropped at the rated R for violence and language scene just played out, and ushered them to her car.  She then went back into the house and grabbed both dogs and slammed the door behind her.  Kindsay is her baby, her pride and joy granddaughter, but she'll be d***ed if she's gong to be beaten by this kid.  Kindsay called me and went off, tantruming about how she wants to kill herself, hates herself, blah blah, so I ran home to get her.  I came in the front door talking with Greg on the cell and Kindsay goes from screaming and bawling to "WHO'S THAT ON THE PHONE????"  I say--it's your father.  Her eyes get big, she lets out a big sigh...oh I thought it was grandma.  She knows she blew it.  My mom had a huge bruise for week on her back...but Lily appreciated it, I know she did.