Saturday, September 4, 2010

Here I Am!

Summer is over and I'm back into the grind. I go home after work and literally topple over. For some reason, my job is mentally and physically exhausting. Updates? Here ya go:

Bek is a college girl! Reedley City College she goes full time. It looks good on her since she seems to get hit on everyday at school, she tells me...yikes. She has NO idea what she is aiming towards, I keep pushing the dental field so I can have nice teeth when I'm old, but she ignores me. Heck, I'd like some teeth now for the love. We did get her another car, though not as nice as the last one, but she loves it--a Dodge Neon that zips around still insured but better-be-accident-free-or-else. Job? anyone have a job for this girl?
Kindsay is in 8th grade. and still naked. Not kidding--sports bra and panties around the house. It wouldn't be so bad except that she pulls her panties clear up her behind giving her a full blown wedgie. She won't wear pants because she doesn't want something up her butt, yet her underwear spend all their time up I buy her boy shorts type underwear so she covers more, and yet we wind up seeing butt cheeks all day. I assure you, I plead with her to get dressed and somehow she eludes my pleas. She is on the phone non-stop! She talks with her friend Alli who seems to be personal friends with Justin Beiber and takes frequent "day trips" to Mexico. Will they ever "get" it? *sigh* Funny--I have the dialogue between Gingy and the bad ruler on Shrek as my ring tone when Greg calls me. It's Gingy giving in to where the fantasy creatures are. It starts out, "OK, I'll tell you, Do you know the muffin man?" the muffin man? "The muffin man" yes, I know the muffin man, who lives on Drury Lane? --Gingy is my favorite character and I love that exchange, makes me laugh. So my phone starts ringing this morning with Gingy speaking "OK...I'll tell you..." and I hear Kindsay, startled, respond "what? what?" then Gingy continues, "Do you know the muffin man?" I can hear Kindsay still not aware of what's going on answer back, "yeah, I know the muffin man. what? oh. oh. oh. oh." She finds my phone and realizes her dad is calling which puts her over the moon as she answers. I just thought it was interesting that she answered this mystery voice about a muffin man...and then she admitted to KNOWING the muffin man...does she REALLY know the muffin man? I don't even know the muffin man.
Garon is in 4th grade and told Ty that if he needed to know anything about 3rd grade that he'd be glad to help him out seeing as how he's a professional 3rd grader now. He's in cross country and a sweaty ball everyday after school. He ran a lemonade stand the other day with his friends. He comes in my room and asks if Grandpa can come over for a visit. Huh, why? I ask, seeing as how he's never asked so randomly to have Grandpa over. "I just haven't seen him in a while, I'd like to hang out with him. Call him, will you?" OK...I still don't understand what's going want Grandpa to come over and hang out? What's this all about? "OK..well, see if he'll at least come and buy some lemonade...then you can talk with him, have a visit while he drinks it!" Ahhh, ever the senator in the making, Garon thinks if we casually invite Grandpa over he'll buy up the stand and make Garon rich, in the meantime getting some quality time with his 2nd oldest child (me).
Ty, now in 3rd grade, is too busy being "popular" to sell lemonade, he says. Do my kids really care who is popular? Oh no. Ty can name every girl in his class, but only one boy, am I worried? His teacher wants to know if there's anything she should know about him in order to serve him better as his teacher--yeah, he's IN THE CLOUDS ALL DAY, you might want to get a long stick and have it leaning against your desk so when you need to tap him to rejoin the class you won't have to go far to do it. Well, as long as he's still not embarrassed to kiss me in public, I'm good.
Greg and I are still married, in love, and locking ourselves away in our room so we can have peace and quiet, only to have all my children inquire about the lock-down as we drive back home from lunch. My husband answers them, "Well, we lock it because sometimes Mom gets dressed without clothes on." hm...that didn't make any sense and then my children started gagging, why did he say that? Couldn't he just say we wanted privacy and leave it at that? My 18-yr-old is over voicing him, "Change SuBject!" Good thing I was devouring my Cold Stone favorite otherwise I would've given him no reason to ever lock the door again. hmph!