Friday, February 10, 2012

Kindsay--the Anomaly of Life

Sometimes I forget Kindsay is disabled.  She looks like a normal teenager, acts like a dramatic over-hormonal teenager, fights with her brothers, like a normal teen...5' 8", zits, mood swings, knows every word in every song, egocentric...blah blah blah blah...but she has those moments when Greg and I look at each other with the sweep of reality washing over us and we say, 'oh yeah.' 
We're in Utah for Christmas, it's morning and Greg and I are downstairs in the kitchen milling around while Kindsay sits in the tv room watching tv...which she rarely does.  Her back is to us, so she is zoned into the show which is the Disney morning show for toddlers.  Mickey and Donald are on an adventure and they need the help of the viewers!  Greg and I are quietly puttering when we hear Mickey say, "How many legs does this thing have?" then it goes on to take each one by one and they count aloud, teaching toddlers how to count.  Then there's MY kid who is screaming at the tv--SIX!  There are SIX legs...six. six. six. SIX"  Finally Mickey gets to 5....then 6!  She says, "See?  I told you!  It was SIX!"  Then Donald ask about another creature with 8 legs....instead of patienly counting with Donald she is barking at him-- EIGHT! it's 8, the answer is 8..." until Donald hits 8 only to get it rubbed into his duckbill---"see?!  I told you the answer was 8!  I told you.  I knew it I knew it..."   Greg and I are looking at each other in awe as this grown person is trying to beat Mickey and Donald to each punch.  I wasn't going to bother explaining the program format and purpose, she was just so annoyed that those two "icons" didn't know their numbers. 
And yet, she's figured out how to text through the Kindle Fire.  She shows Greg how to use the darn thing...peaks and valleys I tell you.  Peaks and valleys.