Monday, November 17, 2008

Sisterly Love

The good thing is that my sisters (I have three--one older; two younger) and I are best of friends. We love getting together, talking on the phone, texting..whatever! Our children are best friends (all 16), so who would've thought that so many years ago we hated each other with passion.
For one thing, I used to carve my little sister's name in all the furniture with a knife out of the kitchen. I figured when my parents go to ask, "Who did this?" they will barely get all the words out before they realize it was my sister! Who else would carve her own name into the furniture? Automatic bust. Hehehe.
Another example: One sister tried to pay a stoner chick in high school to beat me up. Sad thing is that I hung out with the goths, stoners, the girl was probably my friend. If only Kelly had enough cash for that one, we may not be so close today. How embarrassing for me.
My other sister only remembers me from childhood as one having made her my personal servant. I always deny that while I have her grab me a drink from the fridge (bad timing every time!) My older sister was Satan's little helper and the wicked witch rolled up into one person. She used to tease me because I was flat-chested and, let's face it, butt ugly. My how things have changed! Now she's my closest friend. My brother? He has his own story to tell.

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jennifer said...

i love these little glimpses into your past. although we need to work on your self esteem a little here... i'm sure back then you were a beautiful girl just like you are now.