Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Kindsay--Haven't figured her out yet.

Well today was the triennial--the big assessment. The new school psych said she read all Kindsay's past reports and was so confused by what she read that she did a full battery of tests on Kindsay. 24 pages. Results? Kindsay is confusing. She is consistently inconsistent. She can score 94% on one test and 1% on the next within the same subject. STRANGE. She now qualifies under Severe Emotional Disturbance (if you've ever met Kindsay, you'd know it was the anxiety that placed her in the category...she's a wreck socially), AND "autistic like behaviors" is the secondary qualifier (she has to smell everything and makes funny noises for starters.) Alas, still no solid answers--her x-rays and blood work results are still out there somewhere--but one thing we know for sure: she's one-of-a-kind.


Elizabeth said...

I think how amazing it is that Kindsay is so blessed to have you and Greg for parents. With all of your education knowledge, patience and love, no wonder she is one of a kind! Love you guys!

jennifer said...

i was totally impressed that she got up on the stand to receive her primary advancement certificate. she looked so cool and calm up there. that must have been a proud moment for you guys.