Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Kindsay is Crooked

Ugh...not again! When I had Kindsay I was at a different doctor for months on end. The poor kid was poked fifteen times in her hand on one visit alone because the phlebotomist couldn't find a vein. Here we are again...blood tests, x-rays...bleck. At least I've got good insurance, twice over. This time we noticed her hips are crooked. One sits higher than the other? Even her CVRC counselor said, "Hey, her hips are crooked!" Back to the doctor. Dr. Jones, awesomist dr. ever, at first looked at her feet and noticed they stood inward. I had taken her to a podiatrist a year or so ago about that and was told it would be fixed with time, when she goes through her adolescence. WRONG! Dr. Jones said. This is probably the fourth time a doctor of his expertise and wisdom has said that about another doctor who misdiagnosed Kindsay. After looking at her back, he wrote out an order for x-rays down her spine, legs, and ankles. He also wanted genetic blood tests done. Kindsay slowly began sinking behind the door, biting nails, sucking hair, etc...When we left the office she said, "Let's just go, just go now." I could tell her anxiety was heightening, so I turned the other way instead of home to go to the hospital and get it done. We'll see what the results are...to be announced. Say a prayer that it's all good.

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