Sunday, January 25, 2009

Christmas 2008

Well--it's over, and bittersweetness fills my mind as I reflect upon the three wonderful weeks of sleeping in without sleep aids. It all began with the insanity of remodeling my kitchen and greatroom. Why do I get these ideas in my head and think I need to do them? Once a picture is in my mind, there is no stopping me! Just ask my dad who flew to NYC to pick up the van I dreamed up and owned a month later. Anyway, my kitchen was nasty nasty and now it's "like a scene out of Ratatouille" which is what Greg uses to describe it. We also had to buy a new tv and home theater to go with the blue-ray of The Dark Knight, which is what you see in the picture of Greg. Heath and I go way back. We also visited the Tenaya Lodge with the Ward compound, which was a blast! Ice skating, sledding, and gingerbread housing was fun fun fun! Lastly, my in-laws were in town for about 10 tens, which was a lot of fun despite the constant nagging that my heat was not up high enough--(who pays those bills...geesh!) 68-70 degrees is more than enough people! wrap yourselves up already! OK..I'm OK...we all had a great time eating, movie-watching, shopping, and playing (Pismo was perfection I must say, see sunset pic.) The BEST part was sending my little darlings to school and going BACK home to my man (actually, he came home to me because he drove them every morning--love it). Though the movies were dumb, it was fun to have no where to be, no one to answer to, and restaurants to visit without needing a kids' menu! Ten AM became my six AM and my hair was frizzy the whole time as I took a blow-dry break. Because the vacation was so wonderful, I've had to plan the next one so I have something to look forward to--NYC here I come!!

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