Wednesday, June 10, 2015


Kindsay had the choice of two proms to attend for her senior year.  First is the one our church holds annually for seniors.  It's a place where kids can congregate and know it will be tasteful.  (Have you been to a school dance lately?)  The second is her school prom.  She was planning on attending both with her teachers taking her to her school prom, but for the church prom, she asked her dad and I if we would take her.  Not a moment of hesitation.  We bought her a dress.  Her preference?  Bling. And pink.  I found one at Macy's with the required qualities, and we picked out a cute furry cover-up to make sure she was modest.  Because she has problems with her feet, we picked out open sandals covered in guess what...more bling.  And she picked out a new tiara (yes, there's an old one) and jewelry.  Bottom line, Kindsay wanted to be a princess right out of a Disney movie.
But we had an unexpected surprise.
Knowing all the seniors at church were going with each other made me feel kind of bad.  I know Kindsay wouldn't be the easiest date because the evening would have to revolve around her (or else!), so I understood when no senior boy at church asked her out.  And then my bestie's son had a great idea.  Being a senior himself and not planning on attending the church prom, he thought it would be a great thing for her if he asked her.  I didn't want to place any expectations on him in case he changed his mind so I didn't say anything to Kindsay.  They've known each other all their lives so Kindsay would've known there wasn't anything romantic, and Nathan, our hero, wouldn't have been her type anyway, not with his short hair (she loves it shaggy, remember?)
Well, Nathan didn't hold back any fun for the event.  He made her a poster to help pose his question and brought it to our house.  I had to give her a heads-up so she wouldn't lose her manners. (She'll straight out ignore you if she's in the right mood.)  I went to her room and told her we had a special guest coming over to ask her to the church prom.  (I also wanted her to be dressed since she prefers walking around in her sports bra and briefs.)  Immediately the questions came flying, "Who who who who who who who who who?" (in a variety of forms)  I kept assuring her it was a friend, that it would be just a night for friends and fun, that she would get to put on her pretty dress, that she would get to go to dinner and have steak (serious carnivore), but I doubt she heard anything I said.  I think she would've bursted if I had given her any more heads-up than the five minutes I gave her.
Then he came over, and the rest is history!  To make it more special, our wonderful church leader and bishop agreed to Nathan driving his brand new truck.  Did you know Kindsay loves trucks?  Well, not all trucks, brand-new 6-seaters is what she loves, and our bishop's truck was just that.  We kept that as her evening's surprise.  After pictures, we walked her outside and told her, "See that truck over there?  It's how you and Nathan are getting to the prom!"  She ran and Nathan almost became invisible (if it were possible for her and the truck to take off into the sunset, she would have.)  I think she hugged the truck too.

Anyway, watch the video--it was a night to remember.  Once they got to the actual prom, she announced the end of the evening, which was okay because that was what Nathan expected her to do.  After all, he enjoyed driving the truck too, so home they came just after arriving at the prom, and since driving in the truck was the best part, they drove well below
the speed limit.

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