Saturday, January 15, 2011

The TALK, you know what I mean?

So here's the deal I made with my husband, although he did not agree to it.  I will explain to our daughters where babies come from, and he has to explain it to our boys.  Since his mother taught him about sex by never talking about it and hoping I knew it all and could teach him on our wedding night, it was an awkward thought that Greg hoped would never transpire.  I told our girls when they hit age nine and eleven, respectively, because, well, how does one tell Kindsay about babies when she's dying to have one?  I had to be creative and a bit vague about it to her, but she got the female part of it to the point that when she started her period for the first time she cried out, "YAY--I have eggs!  I'm going to have a baby!"...okay, so I did my part, which includes putting her on the pill right away. 
Now, as our youngest son turned eight, I realized Greg hadn't told our oldest son and that the deed needed to be done.  Greg had the look of sheer dread on his face, but he knew that it was only fair.  With great reluctance and going at a speed that doesn't even register, Greg found Garon and took him outside to have the talk.  I was inside with Ty while Greg gave the most humiliating speech of his forty years.  Soon after, Garon came zipping through the front door, "Disgusting!  Gross!"  Greg came in, looking worn out from discomfort, and summoned Ty out for the talk.  Let's face it, there's no way Garon was going to keep that to himself, right?  Ty soon came back in laughing...I thought--did Greg tell them how it happens or do I have some correcting to do?  You know, men have different viewpoints about such acts than women.  Greg came in laughing too, and  my curiousity was whirling.
Greg tells me...Garon's response after hearing about the deed--"Am I asleep while it happens?"  Greg--uh, no. But you do have to be married before you do it.  Garon--"ohhohhoho, don't you worry--I won't be wanting to do that!"  ok now I have it in writing.
And with Ty--Greg tells him it's an act that happens between two people when they love each other.  Ty's response -- "Will I ever find someone to love me?"  Awwww...wait a minute, why didn't it gross him out?  I couldn't even wrap my mind around it after my mom explained it to me....even thinking about that conversation thirty years ago makes my eyes wide...oh well, I'll be sure to update this blog when puberty hits them.
Let's put it this way--
Having children = all of the money we make; giving them the sex talk = two limbs, parent's choice; reactions from our boys about the birds and the bees = priceless.

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Michelle said...

I have the same deal with far, so good. My boys are 9 and 11 and that went fine (or so I hear). And, my girls are 5 and 7...not there yet. I may need some tips...from YOU, not Greg, thank you very much.