Friday, May 14, 2010

Update Update Update

It's been a while. That doesn't mean Kindsay has been an angel for the last couple of just means that I've been a bit distracted with life. Who isn't, right? So, just to keep you on top of my unquestionably questionable life, here's an update of the fam:
Bek graduates in May--can you believe it? My baby who was born three weeks early and had the biggest cheeks (butt and face) is now a woman ready for college. We've got her enrolled at Fresno City (she doesn't know what she wants to do except that the ex-boyfriend is at the Willow/International location and that option is out)...and we have to drive to Utah on a Wednesday night to be at her ceremony Thursday evening to leave Sunday and be back for work on Tuesday. WHEW! (can't she just fly home and video tape the ceremony? I'm not very sentimental am I...) We are also buying her another car when she gets home. WISH US LUCK. For those of you without a driving teen--it's a blessing and a curse.
Kindsay--what can I say? Is there another home she can move into? People are always saying, "oh I'd love for her to live here!" Do you really?? Do you want all your toilet paper rolls unrolled and re-rolled into balls? Do you want all your food eaten in the middle of the night even after you've been through great lengths to hide it? Do you really want all of your animals lost and scattered in your yard? (mice, people, mice.) Do you really want feminine products in your laundry that you don't know is there and you go to grab it only to discover it's a used pad? Do you really want someone eating Cheetos in your bed and then telling you off when you balk at it? Do you really want a full sized car seat with an anatomically correct boy nakedly lying in it in various places of the house? Do you really want someone taking hour long showers that you don't know are happening until you get home from work and find her still in the shower dumping all the shampoo down the drain? Do you really want...what am I doing? Sorry--venting. In any case, we've told her she can move into a halfway house and learn to appreciate how good she's got it at our house and that our rules need to be FOLLOWED. adult in a baby body. He tells me if he finds someone more beautiful than I am that he'll send it away, but he also says that is not likely to happen. Oh boy is sprung. I had to take him to a doctor appointment at a female doctor for Kindsay (yes, we got something to help with her bloody periods, what she calls fitting?)...and Garon went on to discuss the differences between the female body and the male body along with all things similar. While we're trying to discretly discuss Kindsay, Garon is inserting his opinions left and right. Not wanting to dissuade him from expressing himself, I keep giving him the look of "okay, dear, that is enough" until I finally had to tell him straight out "NOT ANOTHER WORD CHILD." Only to have him jump into the origins of his name. What?? He's definitely like some adults I know.
Ty--my artist, my dreamer, my Alice-in-Wonderland, Tim Burton film loving child who can draw the most amazing pictures right out of his imagination. Greg and I keep all of them because we just marvel at them. Really marvel. He's a sensitive child but a teaser and a stinker that loves to rile us up. He's mister social out in the neighborhood doing whatever he can to leave the house even if he has to lie about having his homework done. One day a boy grabbed him and he came home just devastated. I worried about his little heart and gave him some comforting snuggles. Then just last week some boys were bullying Garon at our neighborhood park. Garon finally gave up the teasing and came home (they were teasing about him liking a girl, and they were RELENTLESS)...Garon was frustrated because he really wanted to be outside. As Greg and I were getting our shoes on to shut those jerks down, Ty rode up on his bike and said, "Hey--I told those two boys to shut their portholes, potty mouths, and pieholes...they said they are sorry." and off he went, just another day in the life? Greg asked him later--weren't you afraid they'd beat you up (they were older boys and already flipped Garon over) and Ty scoffed, "Uh, no, I have the Holy Ghost." Technically not yet since he's only 7, but I'm glad that he's using it so much now--imagine what he'll be like when he gets baptized! A bullet not to mess with!
Other than that, all is well, nothing out of the norm, and life is a basket of peaches. (sigh)

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