Thursday, May 27, 2010

The (Circular) Conversation

There's a Spongebob episode (I love that little yellow dude) when he thinks everyone is a robot because of a movie he saw the night before, which freaked him out. He was paranoid from the movie and happened to overhear a conversation Mr. Krabs was having on the phone. Mr. Krabs liked a new song on the radio and went to request to hear it, but the DJ had to correct him. Mr. K--"I want to hear the song that goes 'boop beep beep bop boop boop bop'; DJ--"Actually it goes boop beep beep bop bop"; Mr. K--"bop bop?" pause while listening to DJ "beep bop?" pause for DJ again "bop beep?" (you can now picture Spongebob freaking out because his boss sounds like a robot when in reality Mr. K is just talking music with a DJ.) ANYWAY...Kindsay has conversations like that all the time, where I hear her side and it sounds like Mr. K just "boop beep bopping" while she is on the phone with her girlfriend. So last week I hear Kindsay's side of the conversation going in circles with her special friend.
Kindsay--"Thursday and Friday?" pause for friend to talk "Saturday?" pause "Wednesday or Thursday?" pause "Sunday?" pause "Thursday, Friday and Saturday?" pause...over and over and over...I'm thinking--what the...? Then Kindsay hollers at me through the house, not caring where I am or what I am doing, I am to respond to her. "Mom! When is my birthday party?" Birthday party? I tell her not till October. I hear her say on the phone, "Not till October." pause "Sunday?" pause "Monday or Tuesday?" pause "Thursday?" pause "MOM!! What time is my birthday party over?" Party? What is it with the party? I tell her, Your birthday isn't until October, there is no party. Kindsay proceeds to tell her friend, "Uh, we don't know when it's over. I just don't know." pause "Saturday or Sunday?"
and around we go....

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