Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Kindsay's Day Out

I have to chronicle all Kindsay's events now because she's getting older and turning into a teenager and, well, it's getting interesting to say the least. Case in point: So Kindsay gets butt-load of cash for her birthday (thank you all who pitched in) and it's making her pockets itch. She bursts in my room all dressed one Saturday and announces that she is going shopping with a friend (whose name I will leave out.) She's got on the right outfit, except the purse she's using is a doll baby bag. Stunned from the outburst (why do I not expect these?), I look at her like, "Oookaaaaaaaaaay." She storms out (she walks as though she is storming, so when she is really mad, look out.) I called out that I had to talk with the friend's parents first, find out WHO SHE IS for starters, and find out when/where..all the wh's. Kindsay tells me they are going to the mall and they are on their way. The girl's 19-yr-old sister is driving them. She goes into the front yard to watch for this girl while I am trying to get a handle on what's going on...clearly the "handle" is oily. Finally, Kindsay, who carries the phone with her because apparently it's hers now, comes up to me and thrusts the phone in my face. "It's my friend, talk talk, talk to her." I take the phone and ask, Hello? On the other line is the friend's 19-yr-old sister. "Uh yes, we're just wondering what your cross streets are?" I answer, 'okay, first I need to know what is going on. I don't know where you are going, and what times?' Hesitant, the sister responds, "I thought you knew. Kindsay called us and told us to come take her to the mall, we assumed you knew." I tell you what...I'm going to have those old lady lips way sooner than I should because of all the pursing I do. I apologize and explain to them that I am NEVER aware of Kindsay's decisions and that they don't have to take her. "Oh that's okay, we're all going and we're just getting dressed. We'll come by and get her." aye. So I approve this because of all the trouble they're going through. Kindsay is determined...she's chewing her fingers, eyes flitting all around the streets waiting for this friend and family to come take her to purchase-heaven. If I had said NO you can't go because you...etc., I would've been talking to the wall, so I saved my breath. Kindsay sat outside waiting...TWO HOURS LATER the family Toyota van pulls up with a load of people. picture it...Kindsay (tall, Amazonian, blond) sitting amongst a little family of Hmongs (small, dark, Asian) on her way to the mall. A car full of baboons could've pulled up and she would've gotten in...not that this little friend resembles in any's just that when they pulled up, Kindsay got in without checking to see who was in it! I wave out to them, worried worried worried. I gave Kindsay a cell phone and one of my purses and away she went.
So 2 hours later I decide it's time to check on her. I imagined her little band of friend and family was getting tired of Kindsay's...uniqueness?..."Kindsay, what are you guys doing? Are you ready to come home?" Answer: 'oh oh oh..MOM! The boy, he got lost and the police they took him and he had handcuffs and the sister had to pay a lot a lot a lot of money and the boy..he was with the police and he's my friend's cousin and I don't know why he was there I just don't know but the sister was mad and all the family everyone was cussing and cussing and smoking, and I said EW that stinks! and ohhhh, it just stinks when they smoke and..." I am trying to make sense of all this. So what she's telling me is the band of shoppers (small group of Hmongs with their leader, Kindsay, sticking up in the middle) gets separated from cousin, who then shoplifts, gets caught and causes the sister to have to pay a hefty fine to get him released, which made her ticked and triggered the foul mouth and need to smoke. Needless to say, when Kindsay pulled up with the family, I was livid that she didn't even make a purchase, relieved that she didn't shoplift, and convinced that going shopping with the 19-yr-old sister was a bad idea. Where was the little voice inside that nudges me at bad ideas? Oh yeah, it was smushed by the pulsating of Kindsay's determined voice in my ears. Let's just get that money spent already.

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