Sunday, May 17, 2009


I am a cake lover, and if you know me, you already know that...and if you don't, now you do. I love frosting, cake, even stuff sprinkled or squirted on the cake. I do not discriminate. I am sharing with you my dream about cake and I hope to make it on a TV show someday to fulfill this dream and not do it through a wishing foundation because I am dying. That would suck, but I would still wish the wish and eat the cake if I had to do it that way.
My dream is to buy a cake from Charm City Cakes on 'Ace of Cakes.' Duff makes an awesome cake (you can here him saying "awesome" if you watch the show.) Yes, I watch cake shows...I love cake, do you get it now? That dream seems simple, but their minimum purchase price is $1000 for a cake. Would I? Could I? Yes and yes...too bad for my husband because I would against his put-down foot. They are based in Maryland, which makes it a tough purchase, but my dream is not far reached. I can do this...and I will.
My dream involves me ordering the cake 3-4 months prior to my impending visit to the east coast where I will stay with my sister in Connecticut. I order the cake via email to Mary Alice, telling her that I want something out of Geoff's bucket list of cakes to make before he dies. I will tell her that I will come purchase the cake, have a piece or two, or three...$1000?? I better eat 3. I will then tell her to donate the rest to a homeless shelter or somewhere that would appreciate the donation of a partially eaten cake. I will also shake hands with the staff as I thank them for making my dream come true. I will then go find another trivial, silly thing to dream about and write about and plot out how to make it a reality. If you can believe it, and I think you do, I have actually spent more than one afternoon dreaming this up and carefully placing it on my "to do" list for next summer. summer. The anticipation is going to kill me, either that or spending $1000 on a cake will...more like my husband will kill me when I spend $1000 on a cake. And watch, he'll want a piece of it.

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